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The End

“Good judgment comes from experience and experience comes from bad judgment” – The Night Shift by Brian Goldman This coming Monday (7/17) we will finally end a marathon work effort. 13 months without a break. A day off. An hour … Continue reading

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Show Biz

“You seem shocked that it’s a nasty world out there” – Julep Street by Craig Lancaster So…………………1:30 am. In bed. Asleep. Enjoying a well-earned nights rest. Not bothering a soul. At peace with the world. SUDDENLY!   ALARMINGLY!   FRIGHTENLY! My wife … Continue reading

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The Boss?

“People can change, but they cannot change their essential natures.” – Hurt Machine by Reed Farrel Coleman What to do. What to do. Ever had a boss you liked personally who had no business being a boss? Who had no … Continue reading

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“Sometimes life has a cruel sense of humor, giving you the thing you always wanted at the worst time possible” Saturday morning. Weekly phone conversation with my daughter. So things are really dull around here now that they’re not moving … Continue reading

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Too Long.

“I’m either going to jump out of my skin or vibrate to pieces” – Once was lost by Mathew Iden All of my working life I’ve been a dedicated, hardworking employee. Loyal to the company. Did more than was required. … Continue reading

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