First Rock N Roll music

“If I’m not working on something, I literally just sit and think, which I don’t think is productive.” – Adam Driver

During a conversation with my wife and daughter, the subject of the first Rock N Roll song came up.

What was it?

It was probably some obscure Black gospel type thing. Gaby recalls the first Rock n Roll song she remembers hearing was Rock Around the Clock.

I clearly remember the first time I heard Rock N Roll. It was 1956. I was 13. My brother and I were searching the air waves in rural South Carolina just out of curiosity. Just passing time.

Suddenly, a sound we’d never heard before. Did not know it then, but it proved to be the first Rock N Roll music we ever heard.

Our reaction was immediate. WOW. That was different. What is this?

Most of my generation were there at the beginning. Do you remember?

”Songs are a funny thing. I always believed that the right song at the right moment could change history.” – Pete Seeger

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4 Responses to First Rock N Roll music

  1. says:

    I DO remember!! I think probably the first Rock & Roll song I heard was Rock Around the Clock, by Bill Haley & the Comets, but this one followed shortly thereafter. Also in that early mix: Earth Angel by the Penguins. Love the old music!!


  2. Shirlene Abbie says:

    I still enjoy reading your posts 🙂 I hope you & Gabby are well. All is well with us 🙂
    Take care & Gods Blessings for you two.


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