Show Biz

“You seem shocked that it’s a nasty world out there” – Julep Street by Craig Lancaster

So…………………1:30 am. In bed. Asleep. Enjoying a well-earned nights rest.

Not bothering a soul. At peace with the world.


My wife is pounding on my chest………………Bob….wake up……wake up.

My eyes slam open. I see my wife looking like she’s just seen Jesus Christ walking through the RV and I jerk to attention.

What’s wrong? What’s going on? Have we been attacked?

No. But the building across the street just blew up.

What? And then I hear it. A series of explosions. Loud and near. Then….sirens.

Look over there. See it?

What I see is Dante’s inferno. Holy @#$%.

Next morning I took these pics.

While there a reporter from a local channel here in Victoria interviews me about the event. Footage on the 6 pm news.

And that folks is how I got my start in show business. See you on the big screen.

“The effects of disaster, no matter how extreme, do not last forever” – Flight of Dreams by Ariel Lawhon

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