A Great Guy

“The soul is born old but grows young. That is the comedy of life. And the body is born young and grows old. That is life’s tragedy.” – Oscar Wilde

In about 2 weeks I will celebrate my 75th birthday. God I’m old. Anyway, oddly enough, the years have rewarded me with something. Understanding. Comprehension. Some peace. Some reconciliation.

I think I’m beginning to figure it all out. And when I do, I’ll share with all of you.

Am I a great guy or what?

“It’s absurd to divide people into good and bad. People are either charming or tedious” – Oscar Wilde

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“I hate it when people are at your house and they ask ‘Do you have a bathroom?’ No, we pee in the yard.”

 Phone rings. A number I don’t recognize. Most of the time I don’t answer these calls. But it is local and what the hell? Go for it.


Is this Mr. ******?

Well I don’t know. Maybe Mr. ****** is unavailable. Maybe he doesn’t want to talk to you. Maybe he’s disposing of a body. Who is this and what do you want?

It really annoys me when I get a call like that. What’s wrong with: This is Doctor Johnson’s office calling to confirm an appointment. Is Mr. ****** available?

Manners. A lost art.

And how about this?

Several days ago we checked into a hotel in Sherman, Tx.

Do you have a room preference?

Not really. Just not close to the elevator.

How about 205? Is that OK?

Gee……I don’t know. I’ve never been in 205. Did not know it even existed?

Does it have a bed? How about a toilet? Does it have a toilet?

And a shower. That would be nice.

What kind of a stupid question is that? Is 205 OK? Gee…..I don’t know. What do you think?

Honestly, I did not respond that way. But I wanted to.

“You can get through life with bad manners, but it’s easier with good manners.” 


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“The great secret that old people share is that you haven’t really changed in 70 or 80 years. Your body changes, but you don’t change at all” – Doris Lessing

New to Tulsa.

First appointment with my new PCP physician Tuesday.

Arrived early to complete paper work.

Office clean and orderly. Staff friendly and helpful.

Ok folks. Looks like I found a Doctor.

Right on time the friendly assistant calls my name.

Follow me please.

And I do. Through a door and down a hall to another room where several other staff members are busy performing stuff. Things. Something.

Platoon halt. Right face. Fall out.

She points at what looks like a scale. Take your shoes off and stand here.

She records my weight and height. Like a sewing machine this woman.

How tall am I? 5’10” she announces.


 There’s been some mistake. I’m 6’. Have been since I was 16.

Wellllllllllllllll……she observes………..as we age, we shrink. You’ve shrunk 2 inches since you were 16.


 “Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art” – Eleanor Roosevelt

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The Power of Music

“A man with no trace of the feminine in him, with no duality at all, is a man without tenderness, sympathy, gentleness, kindness, responsiveness.” – Bright orange for the Shroud

Recently I discovered HPR (Heartland Public Radio) out of Branson, Mo.

It plays nothing but the oldest Country. Hank Williams – Hank Snow – Jim Reeves. That genre.

Nonstop. No commercials. One after the other. On and on.

I enjoy those old sounds so I listen as I move through breakfast.

Guess I never really listened to the lyrics. I’m listening now.

Thinking about old friends, places. Things.

Eventually I feel sad. Not depressed, but I begin to orbit.

Oh, there she is. My daughter. She bounces into the kitchen. A smile radiates through the fog of early morning.

Good morning Ann.

Good morning Dad.

I’m OK now.

The power of music. Wow.

“The heart is the chief  feature of a functioning mind” – Frank Lloyd Wright

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Free Will

“We are at the center of the galaxy only in our own tortured minds”

Free Will

What’s that all about?

Consider: Many believe that man was created with free will, which is their way of explaining all of the evil foisted on mankind since creation.

So…………..does that mean God does not know how this will all work out?

And if it does………..who will win in the end? The good guys or the dark side?

Rather unnerving to think about. Don’t you think?

“The evil men do lives on and the good is oft interred with their bones” – Death Without Company by Craig Johnson

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“First get your facts straight and then distort them at your leisure” – Mark Twain

All things happen for a reason. Everything is planned.  As authored by God.

Both World Wars resulted in 50 to 70 million deaths.

Recently in Tulsa a family’s home consumed by fire. Wife and 2 children killed. Husband burned badly trying to save them lost everything. His wife, 2 children and their home. Unbelievable loss, pain, and misery.

I think if I were God, I’d be pretty upset with people who believe I plan all this melancholy and despair.

Isn’t it possible that much that occurs in life is just random without any root reason at all? Must everything be planned?

“The highest forms of understanding are laughter and human compassion” – Unknown

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“Love is a trap. When it appears, we only see the light, not its shadows” – Paulo Coleho

12/21/17 was the Winter Solstice. The shortest day of the year.

As such, at noon, one would cast the longest shadow at that hour it would all year.

So we took time out of our busy schedule to test the hypothesis.

Sure nuff, we cast mighty long shadows.

I think we enjoyed this rather simple moment a bit too much. So it seemed.

A long life can give us that. Enjoyment of simple moments.

“Is anything more destructive in this world than easy money.” – “The Accountingby William Lashner

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“Steal as much wisdom from other people as you can” – Aziz Ansari

Recently, a published report listed the easiest internet passwords to guess.

A few:






Qwerty  (found on the computer keyboard)

What kind of mind thinks this way?

Not that I would consider it a subtle machination. Well…………….maybe.

As I doubt I would ever think this way, I wonder if those who do are simply very strange or if I, who does not, am bizarre.

And this, of all things, is a conundrum for me?

I need to get a life.

“In many ways I was a stranger to the normal world” – An Unquiet Mind by Kay Jamison

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God – we have a problem.

“Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence” – Unbound by Richard Currier

I look at an airplane and wonder – How the hell does this thing get off the ground?

Others only see a means to get from A to B.

Rats – Mice – Fleas – Ticks. What’s the point? Why do these blights on our world even exist?

Others think thank God for Cats and flea powder.

Are you like me?

Why do we get bogged down in the minutia of life?

What’s wrong with us?

“Being stupid isn’t all that stupid” – The Thirst by Jo Nesbo

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“Delusion was an essential fact of life for the average person” – The Thirst by Jo Nesbo

Invariably, I get in various degrees of trouble in those moments when I forget how to laugh. Laugh at myself. At the situation. With someone.

It’s just my humble opinion and I hope you won’t resent me sharing it with you, but I sense that too many of us have forgot how to laugh.

As I think about it, I’ve somehow developed another weakness. I’m beginning to take myself too seriously.

Living with these crippling weaknesses does not make old Robert a happy camper. So I have discovered.

What to do? What to do? I’m not sure. Seems to me though that the more important concern is laughter. Laughter – the cornerstone to a good life.

Possibly a big note on the bedroom door. One I would be sure to see first thing every morning. BOB – BE SURE TO LAUGH TODAY AND DON’T TAKE YOURSELF TOO SERIOUSLY.

“Nothing you do particularly matters but I’m not sure that’s a great excuse for doing it poorly” – John Malkovich

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